Councilettes, The Depot, MOW, and so Much More



My volunteer career started when I was 14 years old.  My mother, Eleanor Ettlinger, encouraged me to follow her lead in volunteering at Sinai Hospital and NCJW/Greater Detroit Section.  I was a founding member of the section’s teen group, The Councilettes, and made new friends and renewed some old friendships as we worked together.

As an adult, I got involved in many different projects, one of which was Meals on Wheels.  From the very start of MOW, I helped to pack and deliver meals to the homebound in our community.  Another project that was memorable to me was sorting and hanging donated clothes at The Depot for Fashion Spree, a very important fundraiser that I chaired for our section.  Many couples worked together for this event, and started friendships that remain today.

My most meaningful memory of NCJW is the Claire and Arthur Kretchmer Backpack Fund that my children set up in my late husband’s and my names.  I have been active in NCJW for a very long time, and have experienced the building of friendships and personal growth that have made me a better person.  My husband always supported and helped me in my NCJW efforts.  To have my children recognize the importance of NCJW in our lives has been outstanding.